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These are the 10 print images that I submitted to the PAGB in order to achieve my Credit level award. 

At the Adjudication, my images, along with every other candidate, are put before 6 judges in a random order so they have no idea which image belongs to which person.

The judges can mark an image 2,3,4 or 5, and in order to achieve the Credit, you need to score a total of over 200 points.

A Judge will score 4 if they feel the image is of good club standard and 2 if it isn’t. A 3 will be scored if they feel it is almost there and a 5 will be if it is felt to be of a higher exhibition level.

Click on each image to view a large version, the title and the number of points scored for each image. The total points I scored was 208.


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