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FIAP Acceptances

Fédération Internationale de l’Art Photographique, or FIAP, is an international organisation of national associations of photography.

Back in 2016 I entered images into a couple of Salon recognised by FIAP and managed to achieve acceptances for Looking Sheepish and Farrier at work. I didn’t then enter any more FIAP Salons, as I was concentration on the BPE route, until it was suggested I enter the Austrian Trierenberg Circuit in 2019. This is effectively 4 Salons in one and all your images are entered into all four salons in one go. I entered in 2019, 2021 and 2022 achieving a total of 63 acceptances.

FIAP award photographers for achieving a number of acceptances, however they have other stipulations that the accepted images for each level of award must also be gained with a number of unique images, from a a variety of salons in various different countries. 

Currently I have more than enough unique accepted images for the first level, however I still need to build up the number of Salons and Countries. FIAP make their awards once a year, so my aim is to try and gain acceptances in enough Salons and Countries before the next entry date at the start of 2023.

I am also pleased to say that the following images, included in the gallery, have achieved awards

  • “Kevin” has achieved a “Club Diploma” award in Photo Perspective 2022, the 6th International Exhibition of Photography, Bosnia And Herzegovina
  • “Lone Tree in Early Morning Mist” achieved a “National Bronze Medal” in the Ribeirao Preto Exhibition 2022, Brazil
  • “London Flypast” achieved an “SSP Diploma” in the Zelan Photo Awards 2022, Sri Lanka


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